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Off the Record with Alistair Bunkall

Dec 14, 2020

Jonathan Powell was Tony Blair’s Chief of Staff from the moment he entered Downing St to the moment he left.

He was at the Prime Minister's side for a decade in number 10.

During that time they navigated the country through the terror attacks of 9/11 and 7/7, the death of Princess Diana, fuel strikes, foot and mouth...

Oct 12, 2020

Marcus WareingMarcus Wareing is one of the best known chefs in the world.

The son of a fruit and veg merchant, his first job at just 18 years old was at The Savoy Hotel no less.

From there he went to Le Gavroche where he worked under the legendary Roux brothers. It was there he also met and formed a friendship with Gordon Ramsay....

Sep 8, 2020

In recent years, Sir Mark Sedwill has been one of the most powerful people in Britain.

He served as the Cabinet Secretary, the Head of the Civil Service and the UK’s National Security Advisor - Three roles that put him right at the centre of government.

Unusually for a Cabinet Secretary, Sir Mark spent much of...

May 15, 2020

In this episode Alistair chats with Dame Karen Pierce, Britain’s Ambassador to the United States.

She is one of the great diplomats of her generation. 

Karen has held posts for the Foreign Office in Tokyo and the Balkans before serving as the UK’s Permanent Representative at the United Nations in Geneva.

In 2015...

Dec 10, 2019

Cheryl GiovannoniIn this episode Alistair chats to Cheryl Giovannoni, the Chief Executive of the Girls Day School Trust. In that role she is responsible for 20,000 students and almost 4,000 members of staff across 25 girls schools around the country.

But she is no teacher – Cheryl was originally an advertising exec, rising through...